MESA MERCADO’s Grand Opening: Whew, Wow…and Thank You!

by Ernesto Delgado

(from the Mesa Mercado Blog:

After first opening MESA MERCADO with what we called a “soft launch” a couple weeks ago—which basically meant just being open for dinner hours and running with a smaller menu than the current menuwe had our grand opening on Thursday night.

I wish there was just one word or even just one feeling to express how it feels to launch yet another restaurant. As many of you know, I also am the owner of Tequila Museo Mayahuel downtown, which I opened a five years ago. However, I think I can sum up my feelings in three words (well, four actually):

Whew: About a month ago, I told my marketing guy that I must be crazy. Running one restaurant is a lot of work. Running one andopening another in a different part has really tested my endurance.

Fortunately, my passion and excitement for all of this makes it hard to call it “work,” but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a lot of work. And of course, I didn’t do this alone…a lot of people put a lot of effort into this, and I think it shows! Do you agree?

Wow: When we opened on the first day of the soft launch, I had no idea what to expect. I intentionally did not make any public announcements on the Website, Facebook or anywhere else. In fact, I opened a few days earlier than I had been planning to do so…I just wanted to start seeing who’d come in and what they thought!

On that day, I simply put a sign outside the door that said “MESA MERCADO OPEN 5-9 p.m.” and opened the doors. And pretty much from that moment to now, we’ve had a steady flow of guests…and almost without exception, their reaction to what they see and taste has been incredibly positive.

And that’s why my last thought to share is…

Thank You: I feel so blessed. People seem to genuinely like what MESA MERCADO is about, which to me, is so gratifying. It also validates all of the work that went into this, and other than wanting to say “Thank You!” to everybody, I also want to say that I will continue to keep making MESA MERCADO a place that people are excited about!

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